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Fotoreality Studio

Interactivity Video Presentation

  Our 3D graphics studio has the experience of interactive video presentations development sounded by professional announcers and recorded on usual CD or DVD.

3D video-presentation

  Presentations have the structured menu about your company, special sections relating to the company principal direction services, the preface about interactive part management.


  For example: in presentations projects “Smart House” a user travels inside a three-storied cottage, with a preliminary flight (The back-ground sounded animation) and the demonstration of all outer systems, and has the possibility of listening to the music inside the house (CD, DVD, FM etc.), watching (TV, DVD, VCD, VCR, the Plasma TV, the Home Video), user may also open curtains, "break" a wall to review the complexity of construction topology, observe various variants of design illumination, etc., and carry out all his operations using the interactive “pop-up on the screen” portable panel, the map of the house and many other things, and also using interactive announcer prompting, observing her mimicry, appreciating her articulation and hair-do.

3D design of interior (in "Smart House")


“ Cottage settlement on the coast … ”

 The observer’s look is higher than a human sight level. At the bottom of the screen silver "Mercedes" is moving along the road, mirroring the streets of cottage settlement in its glossy surface. Cottages in the shadow of the trees and the coolness of fountains in a sunny day are stretched along both sides of the road.
The automobile turns to the right to the garage with automatically lifted gates.
The observer while moving ahead observes the parking area and completes his circular survey. The camera is lifted above and then, being lowered, goes further deep into the settlement to the end of the street where settlement infrastructure is shown (yacht club and other objects, accomplishment, a fountain with flower-beds and walks around). The camera is smoothly turned back on 180 degrees, being lifted above, and in an objective first of all one can observe the cottages hidden behind the trees, shivering of water and yachts shaking on waves, and then the whole cottage settlement with its infrastructure and the coastline with yachts on the berth.

All projects have only one limitation: usual ÐÑ (a personal computer or a notebook) i.e. they are device independent!


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